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Pakistan alcohol tragedy kills 22

21 September 07 07:00 GMT

At least 22 people have died after drinking illegally brewed alcohol in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, police said.

The dead included some policemen, including one who ran a facility to brew the toxic liquor, they said.

More than 20 people are ill after drinking the liquor and have been admitted to hospital.

Police said drinkers buy illegal liquor because legal wine shops are closed during the holy month of Ramadan.

Police said one of the surviving pedlars said he had sold more than 100 bottles of toxic liquor on Wednesday night.

He told a local newspaper that he had been running the business along with a police constable.

Locally brewed alcohol has been traditionally available in two forms - kuppi and tharra- in Pakistan.

Police say customers often mix the two for a greater "kick", often leading to a more potentially lethal drink.

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