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School Report: Michelle Obama inspires students

26 May 11 11:06 GMT

Michelle Obama addressed London schoolgirls during a visit to Oxford University as part of the US presidential state visit.

School Reporters from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College tell us more.

by Kamsi, Nadia and Miski
School Reporters from EGA Language College

On 25 May 2011, 37 students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College, from Year 7 to Year 11, went to visit the First Lady Michelle Obama. They went to Oxford University to speak to Mrs Obama and to hear her speak.

They asked her about her life and background and also how her lifestyle has affected her and her children. So that the whole school felt part of the day, students back at school were allowed to watch BBC News on the whiteboards.

'I let out a little squeak!'

We interviewed a Year 7 student named Sufia who went on this amazing trip. She felt very nervous and shy. When she first saw Michelle Obama she said: "I couldn't believe my eyes and couldn't believe she was actually there standing next to me."

She added: "I will never forget the opportunity and the experience to be invited to Oxford. I am excited about being in the newspaper too!" There is a photo of Sufia and Michelle Obama holding hands in some newspapers. "She just grabbed my hand and I let out a little squeak!" she said.

Michelle Obama is a great role model for us at EGA and we feel very lucky that she chose our school out of all the schools in the UK. "As a School Reporter, I knew it was going to be a special day because she is a very important woman in society," said Kamsi.

Miski said: "I feel very happy and it was exciting to see girls representing our school on TV standing next to Michelle Obama."

Inspiring women

As the First Lady, Michelle Obama believes that all women should work hard and achieve the highest standards. This is why she chose to meet EGA students.

She especially cares about girls' education because she wants to inspire young women to understand that, in order to achieve your best, it is one of the most important things in life.

We believe that one of the reasons she chose our school was because she wants to inspire young women to believe in themselves and each other.

Through her words, the students who went to Oxford learnt that anything can happen if you work hard and never give up on your dream. Mrs Obama told them: "You are the woman that will build the world as it should be." Because of working hard and not giving up Mr Obama has changed history.

Overall this has been an amazing experience for Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School. We hope to get more experiences like this in the future.

School Reporter Nadia said: "It is great to see that our school is so well known for getting students to achieve their best."

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