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Peter Hitchens

6 October 06 10:30 GMT

We asked Peter Hitchens of the Mail On Sunday for his Take Of The Week.

" A putsch is underway in the only major British political faction that still speaks for the country's morally and culturally conservative subjects.

David Cameron is trying to turn the Tories into a squidgy left-liberal party, just like New Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Maybe this will succeed in getting them back into office; maybe it won't. Who really cares?

For, even if it does, we will end up with exactly the same government we have already.

One party state

While conventional commentators drone on about electability, they entirely miss the real point. Far more important is the huge constitutional change which would take place if David Cameron succeeds in revolutionising the Tory Party.

For, if he does, for the first time in modern British political history, the electorate will go into a general election with no significant choice at all.

For all practical purposes, we will be living in a one party state.

Nothing useful to say

Mr Cameron's Tories refuse to give a voice to the millions who want to restore British national independence by leaving the European Union.

Too rich to have experienced the scale of the comprehensive education disaster, they won't restore selection in state schools.

They absolutely refuse to give a voice to the millions who a perturbed and worried by the scale of mass immigration and they have nothing useful to say about crime or disorder.

Who needs these Blairite Tories?

And when the Tories declare that they're not interested in cutting taxes, what they're really saying is that they're not interested in the crucial struggle for power now raging between the state and the individual, in which increasingly heavy taxes rob the individual of independence and choice and put enormous pressure on private and family life, forcing both parents to go out to work and abandon their children to the cold care of paid strangers.

There's nothing here Anthony Blair couldn't say or hasn't said - so who needs these Blairite Tories?

The whole useless pointless organisation should be rammed head-first down the plumbing and replaced by a proper party that actually speaks for the people Mr Cameron so obviously despises.


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