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Rupert Everett

8 September 08 16:47 GMT

We asked actor Rupert Everett for his Take Of The Week.

" The celebrity is the cartoon version of our own self-involvement.

Celebrity is a culture that has an "A" list and a "B" list - we are "A" people and the rest of the world is "B" people.

We look like we have ADD. We attend to a situation when it makes us feel better, so that politicians can promote to the public that they're doing something.

Actually, we're doing very little.

Enormous ego

People are often very turned off by a celebrity in a forest, a celebrity in the jungle, a celebrity with some starving children or a celebrity with some sick people. They find it self-serving.

But the fact of the matter is that there's often no other way to promote these problems.

I would be very afraid to find Bob Geldof or Bono as prime minister. Even though they've done some amazing things, you get a feeling of an enormous ego.

That same ego is the ego of dictators. Ego is, in the end, the thing that's destroying us.

Entertained out of our minds

Nothing is getting done. We only have things like the Global Fund To Fight Aids, Tuberculosis & Malaria to show ourselves how much we care and to show them how much we care.

It's just a net curtain for us to hide behind and do all the other things we do - things like gun-running and trade deals.

We have been entertained out of our minds.

There's so much entertainment: from football to religion, from television to cinema, it's all entertainment.

It's stopping us from looking at what is actually happening and at our relationship with the world.


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