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Jo Brand

8 September 08 16:47 GMT

We asked comedian and Labour supporter Jo Brand for her Take Of The Week.

" It's been a terrible week for the government, and as a Labour supporter, that's no laughing matter.

The NHS is in crisis and there's over a thousand foreign criminals walking the streets, doubtless heading for Casualty this Friday night.

And of course, it wouldn't be so bad if Charles Clarke didn't look like he'd just done a twenty stretch himself.

And then there's John Prescott - or Two Shags, as he's now known. It's Tory Sleaze all over again.

Or, to give it its proper name, New Sleaze.

A right balls-up

It's not just media hysteria: the NHS and the Home Office really are in a mess.

I was a nurse in the Eighties, and it was a right balls-up then as well.

There's no point calling for ministers' heads; it's not going to make any difference whatsoever.

Scratch beneath the service of both institutions and you find absolute chaos.

Who ate all the biccies?

Patricia Hewitt heckled by the very mild-mannered RCN. The last time they got that riled was when Florence Nightingale ate all the Jammie Dodgers at the Christmas party.

You can heckle all you like, but getting Patricia Hewitt out of her job isn't going to bring a magic cure.

Is there really any point calling for Charles Clarke's scalp? Face it, there's not even much hair on it.

Can he really be held responsible for all the mismanagement at lower levels? Could they not just have slapped a big red Post-It note on the front of the relevant files saying "DEPORT PRISONER END OF SENTENCE"?

The end of New Labour?

I've actually decided that I'm not going to ask Home Office civil servants to organise my birthday party. It's in a brewery.

We haven't seen the back of this government yet. Don't forget: Gordon Brown is lurking in the wings. A big beast with clean hands.

And let's hope that Gordon Brown is more use than Jade Goody in a marathon.

Let's not give the keys to Number Ten to David Cameron by default. Let's just hope he keeps turning up on Norwegianglaciers, grinning like a fox on a mint.


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