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Kuwaiti PM agrees to answer parliamentary questions

8 December 09 12:17 GMT

The Kuwaiti prime minister has agreed to answer questions from parliament over alleged misuse of funds.

It is the first time Sheikh Nasser Al Mohammed Al Sabah, a member of Kuwait's royal family, has agreed to answer questions from the parliament.

Before now, every time MPs asked for him to answer queries, the cabinet has resigned and elections followed.

It is alleged that the prime minister's office issued a cheque to a lawmaker in breach of financial rules.

Sheikh Nasser's cabinet resigned in March after a previous request to question him.

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, then dissolved the parliament, preventing any questions being asked by MPs and forcing elections to replace them.

But on Tuesday when MP Faisal al-Meslem asked for the prime minister to face questions, the prime minister agreed.

"We are prepared," Sheikh Nasser told the assembly after the request was read.

The questioning, if carried out, is likely to be in a closed session, the Reuters news agency reported.

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