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Agreement to ship hazardous waste

13 January 09 17:47 GMT

Hazardous waste which has been stored in Jersey for the past seven years is to be sent to the UK for disposal.

Substances such as pesticides, chemicals and contaminated oils have been stored in Jersey since 2002.

Because Jersey was outside the European Community and not part of the Basel Convention it was not allowed to ship its hazardous waste to Europe.

The convention was extended to include Jersey and an agreement has now been reached to export waste to the UK.

The Environment Agency said companies in Jersey could export their hazardous waste because it was not possible to dispose of it safely in Jersey.

Deputy Anne Pryke, the assistant minister for planning and the environment, said the waste would go to suitable disposal facilities.

"This will reduce the potential future stockpiling of hazardous wastes on the island and give the States of Jersey comfort that the disposals are in accordance with internationally accepted best practice," she said.

Anyone wanting to export hazardous material for disposal must comply with the Waste Management (Jersey) Law 2005, which includes a notification system to control the shipment of waste from the island.

Planning and Environment and the Environment Agency for England and Wales must also approve the shipments before export can take place.

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