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Jeremy Clarkson inquiry decision delayed in Isle of Man

8 February 10 13:02 GMT

The outcome of a public inquiry into a dispute over land on the Isle of Man owned by the BBC's Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been delayed.

The inquiry centres on whether there is an established public right of way south-east of the property at Langness.

Mr Clarkson had put a fence up at his holiday home to protect his privacy. Tynwald opposed a plan to create a new path for walkers around the property.

The inquiry inspector's report has been delayed until the end of February.

He was expected to finish the report by the end of January.


David Anderson, Minister for Transport, said: "Unfortunately, due to a number of issues, the Langness Inquiry report has been further delayed.

"The inspector has experienced some difficulties with particular complex parts of the inquiry and the composition of the report has proved to be much more complicated than anticipated at the outset."

The pressure group Prowl (Public Rights of Way Langness) has campaigned for access to the footpath on Mr Clarkson's land.

The Langness Inquiry concluded in October last year.

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