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Trainee Pc praised for sea rescue

25 September 09 16:05 GMT

A probationary police officer, only five months into his two-year trainee period, has been congratulated by his colleagues for a night-time sea rescue.

Pc David Schumacher, 23. was with fellow officers called to a Douglas beach where a man was in difficulties.

Despite the temperature, he swam out 50 metres after the man shouted he was freezing and could not move, and brought him back to shore.

"We realised his life was in grave danger," the officer said.

PC Schumacher, who joined the police after three years in the army, added: "The water temperature had started to take its toll and I was relieved to be able to reach him and get him back to the beach."

Officer in charge, Inspector Kev Willson, said: "This was an infrequent event that requires quick thinking and it's very pleasing to see an officer of such short service is able to recognise when urgent action is needed to prevent a tragedy occurring."

The victim, in his 20s, was taken to hospital in Douglas after the rescue on Sunday, where he was believed to have made a complete recovery, the police said.

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