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Call for Guernsey to end associations to save money

28 April 10 11:19 GMT

Guernsey should suspend its membership of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the British Irish Council to save money, says one deputy.

The budget for being involved with both groups during 2010 was set at £176,000.

Deputy Barry Brehaut said the States should be seen to be saving money and it was not about being insular.

He said the move would send a strong message that the government would focus on the things it had to do rather than the things it would like to do.

He said it was especially important to show the States was serious about watching what it spends while the island's tax strategy is being reviewed.

Deputy Brehaut said: "If we want to assist communities and understand what communities do, is there another way to do that through the Overseas Aid Commission and assist in that way.

"With the British Irish Council stuff, is there anything we can do that will keep Guernsey's profile up, but is less expensive to the community?"

His comments came as all States members have been invited by the Guernsey branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association on an all-expenses paid trip to Africa to attend a conference with their Kenyan counterparts.

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