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Household recycling on the rise

24 November 09 09:55 GMT

Islanders are recycling more household goods in Guernsey than ever before with an estimated 33% of all waste being recycled in 2009.

Guernsey's recycling officer Tina Norman-Ross said the amount of waste going into Mont Cuet landfill was expected to fall again this year.

Figures suggest it will go down from just more than 36,500 thousand tonnes in 2008 to an estimated 35,000.

This will extend the tips life until 2019, previously calculated as 2012.

Ms Norman-Ross said the way the figures were calculated has changed but when the stats for 2008 and 2009 were compared directly she was confident that more waste was being recycled.

Guernsey has a 50% recycling target and Ms Norman-Ross said more effort was needed but she was certain it could be achieved.

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