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More than expected vote in parish

5 November 09 15:32 GMT

St Saviour residents turned out as the Guernsey parish officials elections took place on Wednesday.

Voter turnout is traditionally low, but on this occasion 87 residents, more than 5% of the electoral roll voted.

Senior constable Andrew Courtney said it was the highest turnout in recent years.

There were also elections held in St Sampson and the Castel. St Peter Port voters deferred the elections until the 18 November with a closed ballot.

A polling station will be open at the St Peter Port constables' office 1000-2000 GMT on the 18 November for the election of five douzeniers, for which there are six candidates.

In the Castel Michael Fooks, Christopher Le Page and John Webster were elected as douzeniers with standing douzenier Mark Bisson losing his seat.

St Saviour's residents elected Philip Duquemin, Margaret McDonald and Brian Nippers as douzeniers.

Mike Bairds, Karl Brouard and Macarthur Hamel were successful in the St Sampson douzenier election.

Douzeniers elections in the other six parishes were uncontested, as were all elections for constables.

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