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Islanders urged to vote in parish

3 November 09 12:17 GMT

Islanders need to vote to have a say in their parish, the chairman of the Island Douzaine Council said ahead of the annual elections on Wednesday.

Half of the island's 10 parishes have contested douzeniers elections with all the constables elections uncontested.

Deputy Shane Langlois said turnout is traditionally low but it is a chance to make a difference in the community.

He said: "The parishes are the only counterweight we've got to the States and the Civil Service."

As to possible turnout he said: "I'd be happy if it was 5%, let us not set our sights too high."

Douzeniers are elected to serve for a maximum four-year term and constables for a one to three-year term.

Parish officials responsibilities' include collecting dog tax, ensuring streams are clear and hedges are cut back, collecting parochial rates and organising rubbish collections.

The safety of cisterns, wells and boiler pits and issuing permits and bornements, which are needed for building work near a public road, also fall under their remit.

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