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French enjoy flirty Chirac moment

19 June 09 11:19 GMT

Former French President Jacques Chirac is known to be something of a ladies' man - a fact both he and his wife of 53 years have in the past admitted to.

But new footage shows that, even at the age of 77, he still has an eye for a pretty lady - and it has caused much hilarity across France.

He is shown paying close attention to a woman as his wife makes a speech.

The former first lady turns to deliver her husband a withering look, before continuing with her speech.

In a book in 2001, Mrs Chirac spoke about the difficulties of living with a "handsome" man who has "enormous success" with women.

She explained that it was not just because of their two daughters and Vietnamese foster daughter that she decided to stay with him.

"Convention meant that in this kind of situation you put up a front and just kept going," she said.

"In any case I warned him often enough, the day Napoleon left Josephine, he lost everything".

Mr Chirac himself confessed to his amorous past in 2007, shortly before leaving office.

"There have been women I have loved a lot, as discreetly as possible," he said.

In a political career spanning four decades, Jacques Chirac served two terms as president and was prime minister twice as well as serving as Paris mayor for 18 years.

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