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Belgium 'jailbreak king' caught

31 October 07 05:37 GMT

A man who escaped from a Belgian prison on Sunday has been recaptured in the neighbouring Netherlands.

Accomplices landed a hijacked helicopter at Ittre prison on Sunday, allowing Nordin Benallal to flee by car in the resulting confusion.

However, Benallal was detained in The Hague on Tuesday, after being cornered in a motorcycle showroom.

It was his fourth escape from prison. He is expected to be returned to Belgian custody on Wednesday.

A Dutch police spokesman said that Benallal and another man had been arrested after police fired warning shots.

It was only after the pair had been detained that one of them was identified as Benallal.

Sentenced for a series of violent crimes, Benallal's earlier escapes had seen him run from a prison van, walk out of jail wearing a wig and sunglasses and scale a prison wall with a rope ladder.

Politicians and unions are now calling for more investment in prison security.

The prison at Ittre was opened in 2002 and is reputed to be one of the most modern and secure in the country.

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