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Brian Wilson to rework Gershwin

8 October 09 15:41 GMT

Beach Boy Brian Wilson has been given permission to rework unfinished pieces of music by George Gershwin.

The Gershwin estate gave Wilson access to the rare material to "craft collaborative compositions".

The music will be included on a solo album where Wilson will also cover classic Gershwin songs.

In a statement, Wilson said Gershwin was a critical influence on him. "This is the most spiritual project I've ever worked on," he added.

Gershwin's songbook included classic melodies such as Someone to Watch Over Me, Rhapsody in Blue and Summertime. His brother Ira provided the lyrics.

New musical chapter

Wilson said: "I've always loved George Gershwin. The earliest music I remember hearing is Rhapsody in Blue.

"He had a gift for melody that nobody has ever equalled yet his music is timeless and always accessible."

Wilson promised a new "musical chapter to remember".

The families of George and Ira Gershwin said they were "delighted" by the collaboration.

"In every generation, American music has been pushed forward by visionaries, from the Gershwin brothers to Brian Wilson," they said.

"This latest interpretation will be a new opportunity to discover the magic of Gershwin music."

Wilson's Gershwin album is part of a two album deal with Walt Disney Records.

As part of the deal Wilson will also record a CD of classic Disney songs.

No release date has been announced for either record.

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