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Shooting Stars back for fresh run

3 April 09 10:35 GMT

Surreal comedy quiz show Shooting Stars will return for a full series on BBC Two this autumn.

The BBC confirmed that most of the original line-up will return with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer hosting and Ulrika Jonsson as team captain.

Matt Lucas returns as "big baby" scorekeeper George Dawes and Jack Dee joins the team as the second captain.

The programme launched in 1993 and continued for five series. A one-off Christmas special was made in 2008.

'Secret weapon'

Bob Mortimer said the new team were looking forward to the series: "Jack is going to be a great headmaster and Ulrika is as game as ever so it should be a very pleasant evening's journey.

"We have a new attitude and new rounds and this series will feature a secret weapon which will assist us in re-inventing the panel show again, just as Shooting Stars originally did" he added.

The stars of the show broke the news of its return. Vic Reeves, 50 - real name Jim Moir - tipped off The Daily Express while Lucas confirmed the news via micro-blogging community Twitter.

"Yes, George will be back behind the drums," he said on the site.

"Vic has mentioned it and now I can," he wrote in an earlier post.

'Best ever'

Jonsson and Lucas were fixtures on the original programme, which ran from 1993 to 2002.

Deadpan comedian Dee replaces author Will Self as the second team captain. Self took over from original Shooting Stars stalwart Mark Lamarr, who left the show in 1997.

Speaking to the Express, Reeves said the show would be "the best ever" and that the much-loved "dove from above" round would be reinstated.

The team were also "thinking of new items", he told the paper.

Lucas, who went on to make Little Britain with David Walliams after Shooting Stars ended, kept the scores from behind his drumkit, while dressed in a giant babygro.

The 35-year-old told his Twitter fans that George would be "a-singing his weekly song" - another quirky component of the cult BBC show.

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