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Cinema begins over-18s screenings

6 November 08 16:30 GMT

A cinema chain is to begin adults-only film screenings across the UK after a successful trial last year.

Vue cinemas will show selected PG, 12A and 15-rated films to audiences of over-18s in 58 cinemas nationwide.

James Bond film Quantum of Solace, which is rated 12A, will be the first film to get the treatment, starting on Friday, 7 November.

The Day the Earth Stood Still, Yes Man and Australia are also scheduled for adults-only screenings in December.

'Unwanted disruptions'

"These screenings have been launched in direct response to overwhelming positive customer feedback obtained from extensive research studies and trials carried out over the past year," said Mark de Quervain of Vue Entertainment.

"This confirmed a significant number of cinema goers wanted to see PG, 12A and 15-rated films in screenings that could avoid unwanted disruptions that can sometimes be caused by audiences under the age of 18."

A member of staff will be present during the screenings to ensure the over-18s policy is upheld.

Movie fans are also being given the opportunity to vote for future films they would like to see with age-restricted audiences on Vue's website.

The selected films will still be screened for under-18s.

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