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Jury rejects Reeves injury claims

4 November 08 10:10 GMT

A Los Angeles court has rejected a case against Keanu Reeves in which a photographer claimed the actor injured him by hitting him with his car.

Alison Silva had asked the jury to award damages of $711,974 (£453,500), which included medical bills, lost wages and punitive damages.

"I respect the jury's decision," Mr Silva told reporters after the verdict was delivered.

The film star, who was also in the courthouse, declined to comment.

Contradictory statements

Mr Silva claimed that the star, whose credits include Speed and The Matrix films, struck him with his Porsche in March 2007, causing him to fall and injure his left wrist.

Jurors, who unanimously rejected the case, heard how Mr Silva gave contradictory statements about what happened.

They were also shown a video of the photographer using his supposedly damaged hand to climb down a fence after filming Britney Spears.

Mr Silva said he would continue to work as a paparazzo despite the jury's decision.

When asked if he would ever attempt to take the Hollywood star's photo again, he responded "Why not? It's business."

"I wish Keanu is happy in his life. I have nothing against Keanu," he added.

Reeves remained in the courthouse throughout the five-day trial, occasionally signing autographs in the hallway.

He will next appear in a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, due to be released next month.

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