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Bowie sings on Johansson's debut

13 February 08 17:50 GMT

David Bowie has sung on two tracks on actress Scarlett Johansson's debut album, a tribute to singer Tom Waits.

Bowie appears on two covers - Falling Down and Fannin' Street - on Anywhere I Lay My Head, released on 20 May.

Johansson, 23, said she decided to sing versions of Waits' songs because "his melodies are so beautiful and his voice is so distinct".

"I sent him some of the early, early recordings, and he said: 'Go ahead,'" she told reporters in New York.

"I've heard he's very pleased," she added. Alongside the 10 cover versions, the album also features one original composition called Song for Jo.

According to Billboard magazine, Johansson met Bowie at a party shortly before she began recording and asked him to contribute.

At present she has no plans to perform live, although the actress said it would be "a missed opportunity not to" at some point.

She will be at the Berlin Film Festival shortly for the premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl, a historical drama in which she plays Anne Boleyn's sister.

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