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Writers' strike hits Leno staff

1 December 07 17:31 GMT

Non-writing staff members of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno have lost their jobs as a result of the Hollywood writers' strike.

TV network NBC confirmed the job losses without providing further details as to how many people had been affected.

The show had to start showing repeats when the strike began on 5 November and Leno supported the picket lines.

Talks to end the strike will resume on Tuesday after the Writers Guild of America (WGA) rejected the last offer.

NBC had been covering the salaries of the non-writing staff members.

Another NBC talk show host Conan O'Brien has promised to cover the salaries of about 75 non-striking employees on his Late Night show next week.

Comedian O'Brien's own salary has been suspended.

Since the strike began, many high-profile television programmes, such as Desperate Housewives, and films in the US have been disrupted.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said at the end of last week that it was willing to offer "more than $130m (£63m) in additional compensation above and beyond the more than $1.3bn (£629m) writers already receive each year".

It said its offer included payments for work shown online, the key sticking point in the talks.

But the WGA said the proposal did not deal fully with its concerns, calling it a "massive rollback".

It argued that studios should adopt its counter-offer instead, which would cost a projected $151m (£73m) over three years.

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