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Radcliffe admits Broadway fears

6 September 07 13:37 GMT

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is hoping to reprise his role in the play Equus in New York next year.

Radcliffe, 18, won rave reviews for the eight-week run of Peter Schaffer's play at the Gielgud Theatre in London earlier this year.

He told Reuters the prospect of taking the play to Broadway was "terrifying".

"I would be very nervous because I think that (the audiences are) even more discerning than in London," he told the news agency.

'Good show'

Radcliffe said his Equus and Harry Potter co-star Richard Griffiths - who won a Tony Award for his role in The History Boys in 2006 - had some words of advice.

"It will be amazing, but I will be terrified because I was talking to Richard Griffiths about playing New York and he said the most stupid thing you can do is underestimate New York audience.

"But I know we have a good show, it was a good show when we did it in London and hopefully if we do it again it will still be that good. It has to be better."

Radcliffe famously stripped off for the role of troubled stableboy Alan Strang, who has an erotic relationship with his horses.

The play took £4m in advance ticket sales.

Equus was first produced in London in 1973 and won a Tony for best play in 1975 in its first New York run.

The actor's first major role outside of the Harry Potter films, December Boys, opens in the US, the UK and Australia in September.

Equus is expected to open in New York late in 2008.

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