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Dog rescues woman from kangaroo

19 July 08 15:07 GMT

An Australian woman has been saved by a pet dog which leapt to her aid after she was attacked by a large kangaroo, her son has said.

The marsupial assaulted Rosemary Neal, 65, at her farm near Mudgee in New South Wales, 265km (160 miles) north-west of Sydney, her son, Darren, said.

"The kangaroo just jumped up and launched straight at her," he said.

"My dog heard her screaming and bolted down and chased him off. If it wasn't for the dog, she'd probably be dead."

Mrs Neal was taken to hospital with concussion and cuts to her face, hands and back, her son said.

He added that the area had been overrun by kangaroos in recent years.

Kangaroos are widespread across Australia. Most species are not considered aggressive toward humans.

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