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Timeline: Fort Hood shootings

12 November 09 22:33 GMT

On 5 November 13 people were killed and 30 injured in the worst mass shooting at a military base in the United States. This is a timeline of events surrounding the carnage at Fort Hood in Texas.

1330 local time (1930GMT): A US soldier, dressed in army uniform, enters the Soldier Readiness Center, armed with two non-military issue pistols, including a semi-automatic.

Over a period of about 10 minutes he kills 12 soldiers and one civilian and injures 30 other people.

About 400 people are at the centre, where soldiers who are about to be deployed or who are returning from operations come for medical screening.

Military police and civilian officers of the Department of the Army return fire.

Some soldiers treat their injured colleagues by ripping their uniforms to make bandages. Other soldiers close off nearby Howze Theater where about 600 people are attending a graduation ceremony for 138 soldiers.

1557 (2167 GMT): Base spokesman Lt Gen Bob Cone announces that the gunman has been shot dead.

The Fort Hood compound is shut down. No-one is allowed in or out as a search is carried out for further suspects.

1606 (2206 GMT): President Barack Obama describes the shooting as a "horrific outburst of violence".

1630 (2230): US officials name the gunman as Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan, aged 39.

1830 (0230 GMT): Fort Hood declared safe.

1833 (0233 GMT): Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson says Maj Hassan, a military psychiatrist, was due to be deployed in Iraq.

1900 (0300 GMT): Lt Gen Cone announces Maj Hasan is alive. He describes him as a "sole" gunman.

He said Maj Hasan was shot four times by a female officer who was herself injured. He is in hospital on a ventilator, in a stable condition, and under armed guard.

It later emerges a second officer was also involved in stopping Maj Hasan.

1900 (0300 GMT): Nader Hasan tells Fox News his cousin Maj Hasan had complained of harassment because of his "Middle Eastern ethnicity" and had tried to leave the army.

2100 (0500 GMT): Fort Hood opened up but security is high.

6 November

Early morning: Police search Maj Hasan's flat in nearby town of Killeen.

Day of mourning observed at Fort Hood.

0700 (1300 GMT): The military says Maj Hasan was due to be deployed to Afghanistan to help soldiers with combat stress.

0950 (1550 GMT): Maj Hasan's family describes his actions as "despicable and deplorable".

1035 (1635 GMT): President Obama orders flags to be flown half-mast until 11 November.

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