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Satellite map: New York plane crash

16 January 09 10:52 GMT

The pilot of a US Airways Airbus A320 was forced to crash-land on the Hudson River minutes after leaving New York's LaGuardia airport, both its engines apparently disabled by a flock of birds.

All 155 passengers and crew on board were rescued.

1 1526 local time (2026 GMT): Flight 1549 takes off from New York's LaGuardia Airport
2 1527 (2027 GMT): Pilot Chesley Sullenberger III reports birds hitting both engines and says he is returning to LaGuardia
3 1528 (2028 GMT): Plane banks to the left, but pilot decides he cannot reach LaGuardia or nearby Teterboro airport
4 1531 (2031 GMT): Pilot ditches plane in Hudson River

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