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Sunday, May 3, 1998 Published at 14:35 GMT 15:35 UK

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Rene Simoes - Jamaica manager

Brazilian Rene Simoes has performed wonders by getting Jamaica to their first World Cup finals.

As a professional coach for more than 20 years he has worked in Portugal and Qatar. He also was involved in coaching Brazil's under-20 and under-23 teams.

Simoes on what he feels his job entails [47'']
A charismatic character, he has managed to get the whole country behind the Reggae Boyz with the help of his engaging personality. Simoes is popular and has instilled new confidence to a team that had much enthusiasm but lacked professionalism before his arrival in October 1994.

He refuses to buckle under criticism at home about the number of English-based players he has chosen for the national side. Instead he has forged a great team spirit among players with vastly differing backgrounds and pay packets.

He is also thorough in his preparation. He recently found half of his players had worms after he had them assessed by sports scientists.

Simoes is a committed Christian and has "Jesus Saves" printed on the back of his official Jamaican shirt. But he may need some divine help when it comes to taking the world stage in France.

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