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Saturday, May 2, 1998 Published at 19:01 GMT 20:01 UK

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Daniel Passarella - Argentinian manager

Daniel Passarella is one of the heroes of Argentinian football. In his distinguished career he amassed 71 caps and scored 22 goals for his country, the high point coming when he led Argentina to World Cup success on home soil in 1978.

As a coach he is a strict disciplinarian. At the start of 1998 he told the Real Madrid midfielder Fernando Redondo that he would not pick him unless he got his hair cut. Redondo complied, but Passarella is still not satisfied and his place in the national team is still in doubt.

Along with long hair, Passarella has also banned homosexuals and says earrings are forbidden. At the World Cup players' wives and girlfriends are banned from the training camp - although they have been allowed to fly to France.

Passarella is not averse to making changes to the team and used 46 players during qualification for the World Cup. But the former defender is criticised for being short on attacking ideas. His side has struggled to find a settled striking partnership.

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Daniel Passarella - Argentinian manager

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