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Friday, January 16, 1998 Published at 12:35 GMT

World: Monitoring

Rwandan media report on continuing violence, as UN issues new warning

The UN has warned that Rwanda may be on the brink of a fresh wave of killings, which it says could dwarf the mass killings of 1994 in which up to one million people, mostly Tutsis, died.

How is the continuing violence reported in Rwanda itself?

As the following selection of reports shows, Rwandans hear almost daily accounts from their own reporters of killings by rebel Hutu militias and army counter-insurgency operations:

Nine nuns reported killed by militiamen in northwest

Excerpt from report by Rwanda news agency RNA

Kigali, 12th January: Nine sisters, six Rwandans and three Congolese, were killed on Thursday night [8th January], officials in Gisenyi have indicated.

The murder that is blamed on armed Hutu militiamen took place at Busasamana parish, in Rwerere commune, northeast of Gisenyi town, on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), reports said Monday afternoon.

"The militiamen armed with guns and traditional weapons encircled the residences before killing them," well-informed sources in Gisenyi told Rwanda News Agency.

"The nuns were found dead when people intervened to help them," the sources said.

The criminals reportedly used guns and machetes to kill the nuns who are said to belong to the "Filles de la Resurrection" order ...

Source: RNA news agency, Kigali, in English 1540 gmt 12 Jan 98

Army kills 24 rebels in the northwest

Excerpt from report by Rwanda news agency RNA

[ image: Soldiers on patrol]
Soldiers on patrol
Kigali, 13th January: The Rwandan government's army, RPA [Rwanda Patriotic Army], killed 24 armed insurgents in clashes that took place in northern Ruhengeri Prefecture [northwestern Rwanda] today , military sources told Rwanda News Agency [RNA].

The clashes occurred in the villages of Bisate in Kinigi Commune and Shingiro in neighbouring Mukingo Commune, the sources further indicated.

"Operations to flush out criminals from Ruhengeri are continuing," the RPA spokesman, Maj Emmanuel Ndahiro, told RNA [on] Tuesday afternoon [13th January].

According to Ndahiro, the RPA, acting on tips by local residents, intercepted a large group of armed "Interahamwe" [extremist Hutu] militiamen.

In the ensuing fighting that lasted only a few hours, the RPA killed 24 assailants ...

According to Ndahiro, the stepped-up military campaign in Gisenyi is forcing some of the militiamen to running from the area to stable areas that have been cleaned of criminals.

Source: RNA news agency, Kigali, in English 1903 gmt 13 Jan 98

Army kills 18 in northwest

Excerpt from report by Rwanda news agency RNA

Kigali, 12th January: The Rwandan army [has] killed 18 militiamen in clashes in the northwest over the weekend, military sources indicated.

"They attacked Nyamyumba Commune [on] Saturday [10th January] night, tried to burn its offices," the army spokesman, Maj Emmanuel Ndahiro, told Rwandan News Agency [RNA] on Monday [12th January].

Ndahiro said that the army intervened and extinguished the fire, killing 18 assailants and seizing four rifles. The RPA [Rwandan Patriotic Army] suffered four casualties.

The Rwandan army is still pursuing the armed insurgents who have been involved in various criminal acts in the area like ambushing vehicles and killing passengers, as well as slaughtering local leaders.

Military sources in Gisenyi have reported that since 31st December 1997 to 9th January 1998, the militiamen ambushed nine vehicles on Nyundo-Gisenyi road, and killed 30 people.

"There are elements who are supportive of the militiamen in that part of Gisenyi," Ndahiro told RNA ...

Source: RNA news agency, Kigali, in English 1515 gmt 12 Jan 98

Army officer admits killing 30 people in 1994

Excerpt from report by Rwandan radio on 9th January

A military court in Kigali has had the hearing today of one Maj Samuel Bigabiro who is accused of killing about 30 people in Runda [near Kigali] Commune of Gitarama Prefecture [central Rwanda] in 1994.

Maj Bigabiro has been in prison since 1994. The prosecution accuses him of killing all the 30 people so as to cover other crimes he had carried out, including an attempt to rape one mother and her daughter.

On his part the defendant said that he killed those people because he considered them an enemy, and could not differentiate between who was an enemy and who was not.

This was during the war when the RPF [Rwandan Patriotic Front] forces were fighting to stop the genocide ...

Source: Radio Rwanda, Kigali, in English 1145 gmt 9 Jan 98

Militias kill 40 in central Rwanda

Excerpts from report by Rwanda news agency RNA on 7th January

[ image: Parts of the country are deserted]
Parts of the country are deserted
Kigali, 7th January: Forty people were murdered in two communes of central Gitarama Prefecture [central Rwanda] early this week, officials in the area told Rwanda News Agency Wednesday [7th January].

According to the commander of Gitarama-Kibuye Brigade, Col Balthazar Ndengeyinka, a large group of "Interahamwe" [Hutu] militia armed with guns, machetes and axes massacred 14 peasants in Nyabikenke commune, north of Gitarama town, Monday night ...

The same Monday night, another group of "Interahamwe" militiamen attacked Nyakabanda commune, massacring 26 people using guns, grenades and all sorts of traditional weapons.

Before withdrawing to neighbouring Satinskyi commune, south of Gisenyi Prefecture, the killers left leaflets threatening local residents that "whoever will try to oppose them will have its head cut off".

"The victims of these acts of killings are real patriots who have been fighting infiltration of militiamen and their genocide ideology," Col Ndengeyinka told Rwanda News [Agency].

Source: RNA news agency, Kigali, in English 1015 gmt 7 Jan 98

BBC Monitoring (, based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages.  

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