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Thursday, 13 November, 1997, 12:42 GMT
Secret parts of Israeli report into Rabin assassination published
Excerpts from report by Israel radio on 13th November

Two parts of the classified annex of the Shamgar report on the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin have been released.

The report states in its classified section that in the wake of Shin Bet [security service] information about a design to harm the Prime Minister, which was brought to Yitzhak Rabin's attention, the Shin Bet's protection procedures should have been checked, but for reasons unknown to the committee, the Shin Bet was not given this task.

The committee said the Shin Bet believed the VIP Protection Unit is capable of dealing with the threat or risk even without pinpointed information.

When Maj-Gen Dani Yatom, the Prime Minister's military secretary, was asked for Rabin's assessment on the quality of VIP protection and on his own protection, Yatom said he does not know what it was.

Rabin's military secretary said he believed the Shin Bet's VIP Protection Unit had sealed all the cracks and that it had solutions for all possible dangers. The committee also said the military secretary or another supervisory element were not asked to supervise the Shin Bet.

The committee does not make recommendations on future supervision on VIP protection.

On the handling of Avishay Raviv, the report says he was a Shin Bet agent from December 1986. The Shin Bet called his activity useful, but said he was caught in many unlawful actions, and not brought to trial, and despite warnings by his operators, he did not stop his activity.

Raviv's operators gave him the job of writing slogans opposing the peace process. However, on many occasions he also initiated violent activity against Arabs, especially in Hebron.

Some three months before Rabin's assassination the Shin Bet reprimanded Raviv and following a meeting with him, the organisation discussed the problems involved in using him as an informer.

In June 1992, the Shin Bet made clear to Raviv that the connection with him might be halted because of his lack of discipline, but the organization believed that in the long run, Raviv's usefulness was greater than the damage caused by his conduct, and that the gravity of his actions was not their implementation but the fact that they were not reported.

On the matter of the photograph in which Rabin was shown in an SS uniform, the report said it was initially prepared by two minors unconnected to Raviv, but that there is no doubt that Raviv took from them one photograph, and gave it to Israel television. The report said Raviv's denials to Israel television channel 1 correspondent Nitzan Hen are totally unreliable.

Our political correspondent notes that two other parts in the secret annex will not be released. They deal with the VIP Protection Unit and the Israeli Police, and reciprocal relations between the Shin Bet and the Israel Police on intelligence matters.

Knesset [Israeli parliament] Member [MK] Hanan Porat of the NRP [National Religious Party] said that what has not been released in the report can add information. He noted that it is a grim report, but that its conclusions are meagre, and he called for the setting up of a clarification committee to decide on norms for the handling of agents...

MK Sha'ul Yahalom, chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law, and Justice told our correspondent Gil Litman that Raviv must be put on trial.

Labour MK Ori Or said in response to the release of the classified part of the Shamgar report that Raviv was a right-wing provocateur who had credibility problems...

Source: Voice of Israel, Jerusalem, in Hebrew 0600 gmt 13 Nov 97

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