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Thursday, April 1, 1999 Published at 10:31 GMT 11:31 UK

Serbs demand Kosovo weapons

Serb army: 'Nato wants to harm and conquer us'

The Yugoslav army in Pristina called on Kosovo Albanians to surrender their weapons immediately.

Kosovo: Special Report
This is the text of the army statement broadcast by Serbian radio on 30 March.

"Citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, the united criminal beasts of the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Canada have launched an onslaught on the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

"They have not been selecting targets in their merciless attacks. They are not sparing holy sites which are the pride of civilisation.

Sacred sites

"They have been bombing monasteries, churches and mosques alike. To them, not even cemeteries are sacred. They want only one thing: to harm us and conquer us.

"In their ferocious attacks they have been firing most of their bombs and missiles at villages and towns throughout Kosovo and Metohija.

"They have not spared anyone, the Albanians or the Serbs and Montenegrins or the Turks, Muslims, Goranci, Romanies or gypsies.

"Because of their dirty and dishonourable goals, they do not care for people or nations. However, they have made a miscalculation.

Peaceful existence

"Despite everything, in this Serbia and Yugoslavia there is room for everyone who wants to live peacefully, safely and happily: for the Albanians, Serbs, Montenegrins, Muslims, Turks, Goranci, Romanies, gypsies and everyone else.

"This is our common state and every foot of it is soaked in the blood of ancestors and it is not for sale. It has no price.

"Albanians, the aggressive policy of world powers does not bring anything good to any nation and neither will it to the Albanians.

"Apart from the destroyed houses, farms and everything that you have been working for, the aggressor is pushing you together with everyone else into misery, suffering and death.

Nato - terrorist supporter

"They do not love you. They love no one. They only support terrorist gangs and the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army because they are the same and they will support them only for as long as they need them, for as long as they are working for them.

"With the help of a small number of outcasts, and every nation has their own, they are sacrificing you for their own interests and goals which cannot be achieved in this region.

"Do not be taken in by promises of an independent state. The world tyrants do not care about you or your state, your wives and children and that is why they are bombing them. They only care about the territory that they want to grab from us all.

"Albanians, do not allow a handful of mercenaries to lead you into disaster and push you to death. Do not follow their insane and dark ideas. Do not agree to attack the army, the police, your own neighbours and fellow citizens.


"For seven days Nato has been bombing and Serbia and Yugoslavia have been defending themselves. We are determined and we have the strength to defend ourselves. The whole world can see that.

"Albanians, turn over the weapons in time which you were forced to take up. We will turn them against those who want to harm us all.

"We are demanding from the gangs of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army to hand over their arms unconditionally.

"All those who turn over their guns, and have not bloodied their hands, will be free. Use this opportunity. Tomorrow it might be too late. Ruthless and rigorous measures will be taken against those who do not do so.

"Albanians, only co-existence, without hatred and contempt, will lead to peace, happiness and a carefree childhood for your children.

"Let us together do everything for peace to return to this region of ours. Return to your homes. It is spring. It is time to sow the fields. Do so today."

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