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Monday, September 28, 1998 Published at 20:57 GMT 21:57 UK

'Peace restored': Serbian PM's announcement

The following are excerpts from Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic's address to parliament in Belgrade, as broadcast by Serbian radio on 28 September:

... The main cause of the problems in Kosovo is separatism, that is, the activity of a separatist movement within the Albanian national community living in Kosovo-Metohija, activity with a view to breaking Serbia apart.

That movement has caused huge damage to the Albanians themselves, as well as to all other citizens living in Kosovo-Metohija.

That movement is against civilization as it is directed towards creating an ethnically pure region.

At the same time, it represents the greatest evil to the Albanians, because it pushes them into a conflict with everybody who is not Albanian ...

The Albanian separatists and terrorists do not intend to support human, civil and minority rights.

Their goal is to secede Kosovo-Metohija from the Republic of Serbia and the FRY, the ghettoization of Kosovo-Metohija and the expulsion of all others who are living on that territory.

In a word, it is to destabilize the entire region of the Balkans in order to create a sort of Greater Albania ...

Peace restored, terrorists disarmed

Today, there is peace in Kosovo-Metohija. Life in Kosovo-Metohija has returned to normal.

The Republic of Serbia has thwarted the secessionists' attempts to realize their intentions through terror.

The terrorist gangs have been destroyed; a large number of the terrorists have been arrested and disarmed. Through these measures, the territory of Serbia was preserved.

We have shown decisiveness that we will not trade Serbia, its freedom and territory, for anything - that there is no negotiation with those who would like to change the relations in Serbia with the use of terror and to create a kind of new country on its territory.

Serbia has once again shown that it is capable of resolving its problems alone, with full respect for the democratic countries' principles and standards regarding human, civil and minority rights.

I do not want to say that all the problems in Kosovo-Metohija have been resolved, but everything that happened confirms that political methods are the only way to resolve problems in Kosovo-Metohija.

A dialogue held in a direct and open manner, with the honest intention of finding solutions based on general principles known to the modern world and realized in a way that would ensure peace and development in Kosovo-Metohija, is the method through which permanent peace, security and stability can be attained and guaranteed.

The future of Kosovo-Metohija is not in closing up, isolation and poverty, as supported by the Albanian separatists, but in equality, the strengthening of trust and understanding among nations, the prevention of majorization, as well as any kind of exclusiveness and extremism.

Kosovo-Metohija has large reserves of natural, economic and material resources.

The economic potential of those resources has been stifled by the separatists' and terrorists' policies.

The future of Kosovo-Metohija is to activate these potentials, to restart production, to open new plant sections and jobs for the numerous young, expert and unemployed people.

The government will, through the competent ministries, do everything to make sure that self-administration, state administration, the courts, education and the state, in all its segments, function in Kosmet.

This relates to the entire republic.

When the security of the country is threatened, all idleness, smuggling, non-payment of taxes and careless work of the public services is like national betrayal.

The government will increase the readiness of the state bodies and their efficient work and, with that goal in mind, we propose that the assembly adopts the decision on the appointment of a temporary executive council in Kosovo-Metohija.

Through this, we would like all the civil structures to function in a more fluid manner and to secure the necessary conditions to all citizens in this region of ours ...

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