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John Lloyd
"Venus is a megastar and we need that in the game"
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Saturday, 8 July, 2000, 21:40 GMT 22:40 UK
Lloyd: I've changed my mind
Pat Rafter
Rafter's progress could halt Sampras' record bid
BBC TV commentator John Lloyd reviews Venus Williams' win and keenly looks ahead to the men's final.

Venus Williams truly deserved to win her first Grand Slam at Wimbledon. If she had ended up losing the second set and then gone on to lose the match, it would have been more a case of her blowing it than Lindsay Davenport winning it.

Lindsay didn't play that well. She's a great champion and has already won one Wimbledon.

But Venus winning it is exciting for the game in many ways. The Williams sisters have a lot to bring to the table.

Venus Williams
Deserved to win
There were some great shots and a lot more errors than I thought there would be, especially from Lindsay.

But there was incredible power in the match and glimpses of the tennis players of the futures. Venus' athleticism is beyond belief.

The days when people switched off when ladies tennis came on are long gone. There is going to be so much more exciting women's tennis coming up over the next few years. This is festival time for the game.

Rafter v Sampras

From day one I thought Pete Sampras would win again if he were healthy. But he's not 100% fit.

I didn't think Pete would end up playing Pat Rafter in the final. I didn't think Rafter would be playing as well as he is.

So I'm changing my prediction and I'm going for Rafter now.

Pete Sampras
No longer the favourite
I hope he's recovered after that long semi-final against Andre Agassi. He's playing so well and is so sharp right now that if he goes out in the final and plays they way he is capable of playing, then he can win.

It is a difficult one to predict. The sets will go on one or two points here and there.

It is not going to be as great as the match between Rafter and Agassi. The two styles of the players will not let that happen. I'd be shocked if we get a 10-shot rally. It is more likely to be a serve and volley contest.

It could go all the way to the wire. I'm sure there will be tie-breakers and it will be a tough match for both players.

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