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Monday, 3 July, 2000, 09:39 GMT 10:39 UK
Sue Barker's golden moments - No. 7
Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashe on his way to victory over Jimmy Connors
Sue Barker has seen many of Wimbledon's finest moments as a player and BBC presenter. Here she looks back at Arthur Ashe's win over Jimmy Connors in the 1975 men's singles final.

Very few people were predicting an upset before Arthur Ashe faced his fellow American Jimmy Connors in the 1975 final.

Connors was the reigning Wimbledon champion, having beaten Ken Rosewall in straights sets the previous year, and was favourite to take back-to-back titles.

What tends to be forgotten, however, is that Ashe was a very good player.

He won the first US Open in 1968 as an amateur, was a Wimbledon semi-finalist in 1968 and 1969, and played his best tennis on fast surfaces such as grass.

He was a cool-headed, thoughtful player, and the thing I remember most about his victory over Connors in 1975 was his meditation during changes of end.

It obviously worked because he took the first two sets 6-1 before Connors rallied to win the third 7-5.

But everyone knew Connors was in trouble when, after being urged on by a fan, he famously shouted back "I'm trying, for Crissakes!".

Ashe took the fourth set 6-4 to become the first black American to lift the Wimbledon trophy, and he was a very dignified winner.

The tennis world mourned in 1993 when, at the age of just 39, Arthur died after contracting Aids following a transfusion of contaminated blood during heart surgery.

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