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Wednesday, 5 July, 2000, 09:02 GMT 10:02 UK
Sue Barker's Golden Moments - No.8
Jeff Tarango - famed for his temper
Sue Barker has so many Wimbledon memories, from not only her days as a presenter but also as a player.

Here she recalls Jeff Tarango's infamous temper-tantrum in 1995.

Tarango was famed for his temper. He'd already dropped his shorts during the French Open in the past before this particular episode.

It was during his third-round match with Alexander Mronz. He had been moaning throughout the game, and then lost it completely, swearing and shouting.

I think he called the umpire, Bruno Rebeuth, 'the most corrupt official in the game' before defualting and storming off. Then his French wife Benedicte went up and slapped the umpire twice in the face.

I was in the interview room when he came in to explain. He was cursing in American and his wife was shouting in French. Wimbledon had never seen anything like it. The Press loved it!

He later accused the umpire of being biased towards to certain players too.

He ended up being fined around 30,000, and was banned from two Grand Slam events, including Wimbledon the following year.

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