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Devolution report will 'surprise'

Sir Emyr Jones Parry
Sir Emyr Jones Parry said the report will go to Rhodri Morgan next month

The author of a major report on whether the Welsh assembly should have more powers says people will be surprised by the "extent of its recommendations".

Sir Emyr Parry has been leading a £1.5m consultation into the issue and has collected thousands of opinions and 700 pieces of formal evidence.

His findings will be handed to First Minister Rhodri Morgan on 18 November.

The Labour-Plaid coalition assembly government has promised a referendum on the matter if it looks winnable.

The All Wales Convention will hand over its findings to Mr Morgan, who is due to stand down from leadership of the Labour party in December, and his deputy, Plaid Cymru Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones for consideration.

Sir Emyr Jones Parry told The Politics Show Wales: "The report will surprise people I think by the extent of its recommendations and by the decisiveness of what we say.

We have received nearly 3,000 views and the report will reflect these
Sir Emyr Jones Parry

"But I had 16 colleagues and we worked very diligently and came together without any disagreement at the end to finalise a report.

"So we will cover what we were asked to do and perhaps a bit more."

The convention was set up to assess public opinion on allowing the assembly to have more powers.

It was part of Labour and Plaid's agreement for a referendum on full law-making powers for the assembly in 2010 or 2011 if it looks winnable.

But the decision on whether to call a referendum is up to ministers, whose proposal would then need consent from two-thirds of AMs and Parliament.

In March, the convention revealed its research showed almost half of people would vote to give the assembly primary legislative powers.

'Serious consideration'

The final report will comment on how informed the public is, assess various options for handing powers to Cardiff Bay and consider what might influence voters in a referendum.

The public consultation began in January.

Opinions gathered during the process have been analysed by the convention in order to make recommendations to ministers about holding a referendum.

Sir Emyr said: "I made an offer to the people of Wales at the beginning of this process - any views on any aspect from anyone, anywhere in Wales.

"We have received nearly 3,000 views and the report will reflect these.

"As such, we believe our recommendations deserve serious consideration by all involved in the governance of Wales and I look forward to presenting the report on November 18, only one month away."

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