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Woman's 'threat to eat dead body'

Bernard Evans
Bernard Evans suffered wounds to his chest and arm

A woman accused of stabbing her mother's boyfriend to death was overheard during 999 calls threatening to eat his body, a jury has heard.

Maxine Williams, 22, denies murdering Bernard Evans, 42, at the house he shared with her mother near Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.

The jury at Swansea Crown Court has listened to a series of emergency calls made as he lay dying in the kitchen.

During one call, she could be heard saying: "Mam, I'm going to eat him."

It is alleged Ms Williams stabbed him twice during a violent outburst, because it is claimed he was bullying her mother.

The court heard Ms Williams said afterwards: "Good - I'm glad he's dead. He will never hit my mam again. He's dead because I killed him. He deserved it."

Prosecuting, Elwen Evans QC, said Ms Williams, of Pembrey, also threw knives at Mr Evans as well as stabbing him in the early hours of 22 January.

Police later found what the prosecution claim was the murder weapon on top of a radiator.

They also found a bundle of knives wrapped in a cloth and placed down a toilet.

I'll eat him. Mam, I've killed him. Mam, I'm going to eat him.
Recording played to the jury

Miss Evans said Ms Williams had also stabbed a wall and even a photograph of herself.

The prosecution said Ms Williams was living in a hostel but regularly visited her mother Julie's house in Pantyffynon.

Ms Williams's brother Wayne, aged 15, also lived there along with Mr Evans.

The jury first heard a 999 call made by Wayne from a callbox close to the house.

He could be heard telling the operator: "My sister had just kicked off with my mum's partner because he's been bullying us all.

"I'm really worried. Oh, please tell them to hurry up. Call the police. I need them quickly.

"I could hear her chopsing. There's loads of blood, there's tons of it."

"Swimming in blood"

Wayne cried as he added: "I'm really scared. I ran downstairs and saw loads of blood."

The operator stayed on the line reassuring him help was on the way until a police car pulled up outside.

While he was calling, his mother dialled 999 from her mobile telephone. She was still in the kitchen trying to help Mr Evans and Ms Williams was alongside.

During the call Ms Williams could be heard saying: "I'll eat him. Mam, I've killed him. Mam, I'm going to eat him."

In a second call by Mrs Williams, her daughter was heard in the background saying: "I'm going to eat you up now."

At one stage the operator reassured Mrs Williams an ambulance was on its way but meanwhile she should try to stop the bleeding.

Police at the scene
The jury head emergency calls made following the stabbing

Mrs Williams said there was so much blood she could not see where the wounds were, and she asked her daughter: "Where did you stab him? I'm losing him."

Mrs Williams also said: "My boyfriend's been stabbed by my daughter. He's blue in the face. The kitchen is swimming in blood. It's like a swimming pool."

The operator asked Mrs Williams if the person who had stabbed Mr Evans was still in the house. She replied: "Yes, my daughter."

Mr Evans could be heard moaning as Mrs Williams grabbed some tea towels to try and stem the bleeding.

While she was talking the police could be heard entering the house with the words: "Stay where you are."

Miss Evans said the motive for the alleged murder might be a claim by Ms Williams that Mr Evans had been violent towards her mother.

After the stabbing mother-of-one Ms Williams ran into the garden and armed police used a Tazer gun to subdue her.

Miss Evans said: "She told police: 'I'm glad I ripped his head off. I'm glad I killed him. I hope he dies."

The trial continues.

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