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Mother's 'torture' over killing

Kelly Hyde

The mother of a young woman battered to death by a teenager while walking her dog has spoken of her despair.

Adrian Jones, 17, will be sentenced at Swansea Crown Court on Friday for murdering Kelly Hyde, 24.

Her mother Barbara says she used to make ritual visits to the scene of her daughter's murder every week for months until it became a "torture" for her.

She sleeps with her daughter's towel under her pillow and keeps her clothes in her own wardrobe.

Mrs Hyde's pain at coming to terms with her daughter's murder was revealed in a victim impact statement.

Jones did not know Ms Hyde and police say they still do not know his motive.

Dyfed-Powys Police released the impact statement after a jury found Jones guilty of killing Ms Hyde as she walked her dog along a bridle path near Ammanford, Carmarthenshire.

The barmaid had just dropped her car off at a garage for its MoT on 27 September 2007.

Mrs Hyde said she would leave fresh flowers at the site of the killing at the same time every Thursday.

The loss, the despair, I cannot start to put into words at that time - the knowledge she had been murdered and hurt by someone else, was to be honest, awful
Kelly Hyde's mother, Barbara

She said: "I remember that every Thursday for several months after I had to go back to where Kelly was found. I had to go back and place fresh flowers at the site on every Thursday between 10am and 11am.

"This I admit became a ritual of mine up to I believe March. I stopped as I felt that it had become a torture to myself having to go there.

"I was able to stop after I saw artificial black and red flowers which were Kelly's favourite colours. I was then able to leave Kelly with flowers without having to keep placing fresh ones for her."

She described the "sheer hell" of not knowing what had happened to her daughter in the days after she went missing and imagining the unknown.

She said: "When Kelly's body was found I felt such a great relief. I remember the relief and feeling that the wondering, the stress had been lifted.

"On saying that, came the realisation that I would no longer see Kelly. The realisation my daughter had been taken away from me. I would not see her walk down the aisle and get married. I would possibly not see her children or my grandchildren from Kelly.

Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones sobbed in the dock as the verdict was read out

"The loss, the despair, I can not start to put into words at that time. The knowledge she had been murdered and hurt by someone else, was to be honest, awful."

Mrs Hyde added: "I remember being taken to where Kelly's body had been found. I admit that again the first time I couldn't take in what was being said by the professionals again it was too much to bear.

"I did with my husband revisit the site a few days later before the path was open to the public and felt then that I could take in the location and surroundings a lot better.


"I also find that I can no longer take what was my normal route into Ammanford as that took me past where Kelly lived.

"I would go to work and see Kelly's car parked outside her home and know she was okay. I can not go past that route at present as knowing she's no longer there is so difficult.

"I along with my other daughter had to collect Kelly's property and belongings from her home. It was very difficult to pack up Kelly's personal bits and bobs and remember the times relating to those items brought me to tears.

"I admit initially Kelly's clothes were to be placed in a suitcase but I could not cope with that, so I now have all Kelly's clothes, folded and they are on the top in my wardrobe. Every time I open my wardrobe I see Kelly's clothes above mine.

"I also have the towel Kelly used folded and under my pillow. I feel there is DNA of Kelly's on it and it is comforting to touch under my pillow."

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