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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February 2008, 12:22 GMT
Under-age drink purge catches 100
Police officers with some of the confiscated alcohol
Police said the amount of alcohol seized was concerning
More than 100 youths have had their details taken by police during a two week purge on under-age drinking in Pembrokeshire.

Officers also confiscated more than 150 cans and bottles of lager and cider along with 12 bottles of vodka.

Of 110 youngsters caught, 12 were found to be drunk and taken home. The others will have warning letters sent to the parents or guardians.

Police said drinking was a major source of complaints from the public.

They said parents must take responsibility.

Over the past three weekends neighbourhood policing teams have targeted hotspots where youths congregate at all the main towns in Pembrokeshire.

Twelve youngsters who were found to be drunk were taken straight home to their parents who were spoken to.

Confiscated alcohol
115 cans and bottles of lager
36 cans and bottles of cider
12 bottles of vodka
4 bottles of wine
3 bottles of home brew
2 bottles of Mickey Fin
1 bottle of Baileys
1 can of Special Brew

Another 100 will be receiving letters in the post and the confiscated alcohol has been poured away.

Police said one adult was reported for supplying alcohol to underage people and further enquiries were taking place to establish where the youths got the alcohol from.

Police will also be visiting schools in the county in coming weeks.

Superintendent Euros Lewis said: "The amount of alcohol seized is concerning.

"These young people are obviously getting the alcohol from somewhere and along with trading standards we will target premises which break the law.

"However parents also need to take responsibility and we appeal to them not to give alcohol to their young people.

"It can affect their health, put them in danger and potentially result in a criminal record.

"The law regarding underage drinking is there for a reason.

"The neighbourhood policing teams will continue to tackle this issue which is of great concern to us."


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