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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 January 2008, 16:24 GMT
Paramedic attack rise condemned
Ambulance (generic)
In 2006-07 over 80 ambulance staff were injured during attacks
Ambulance service managers have condemned attacks on staff in the Swansea area over the festive season.

They are looking into a reported rise on assaults against paramedics and crews and said they took a zero tolerance approach.

Regional director Andy Roughton said everything possible would be done so those responsible were prosecuted.

He was responding to reports at least five attacks have occurred in the city during the Christmas holidays.

Mr Roughton said: "Violent abuse against emergency crews will never be tolerated.

"Ambulance crews in Swansea and the surrounding area are there to help the community's emergency medical needs and have the right to care for patients without the fear of threat or aggression.

Zero tolerance approach

"Our first priority has to be the safety of our staff and it's completely unacceptable that they might be attacked as they are trying to provide lifesaving treatment.

The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust said during 2006-07 more than 200 ambulance personnel suffered violence or abuse while carrying out their job.

Eighty of the incidents resulted in injuries to employees.

Mr Roughton added: "We uphold a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour.

"Staff safety comes first and we will do everything we can to ensure that people who verbally or physically abuse our staff are prosecuted."

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