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World runner arrives in New York
Rosie Swale-Pope arrived in Manhattan, four years and two days after starting her run

A grandmother attempting to run around the world finally reached Manhattan on Wednesday, a little over four years after leaving her west Wales home.

Rosie Swale Pope arrived in New York after running across Europe, Russia, Asia and north America.

She passed some of the city's most famous landmarks and draped herself in a Welsh flag in Times Square.

A date has also been set for her return home - with Tenby, Pembrokeshire preparing a welcome for 1 June 2008.

Before then Rosie, who turned 61 on Tuesday, will run up the east coast of the United States, through Boston and on to Newfoundland in Canada.

From there she plans to cross Greenland and Iceland before flying to Scotland for the final leg of her journey.

She will have been on the road for four years and eight months before arriving home in west Wales.

When setting out in October 2003 Rosie predicted the run would only take her about two years.

Most nights have been spent sleeping in a tent she pulls behind her on a cart along with supplies.

She will have run right around the world so yes, we are planning a very very big homecoming
Ann Rowell, friend

During her epic journey she has been hit by a bus, suffered pneumonia, frost bite and a breast cancer scare.

But her friend Ann Rowell who has been following Rosie's progress closely from Tenby said she had remained "incredibly" positive throughout.

Rosie embarked on the challenge to increase awareness of prostate cancer following the death of her husband, Clive Pope, and to raise money for a Russian children's home in Kitezh.

Big welcome

Ms Rowell said since Rosie had reached Alaska and run through the US and Canada local newspapers and broadcasters had started to cover her story.

She had also made many friends and been inundated with offers of places to stay, rest and enjoy a hot meal - a far cry from the time she spent running through the isolated wilderness in Siberia.

Ms Rowell has already started preparations to welcome her friend home.

"She will have run right around the world so yes, we are planning a very very big homecoming," she added.

"She deserves a big welcome - we are hoping many people will join her or cheer her on the last few miles into Tenby."

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