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S&M lover describes wife murder
Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris requested a break from giving evidence
A woman who stabbed to death her lover's wife has described to Swansea Crown Court how her victim tried to defend herself.

Rebecca Harris, 30, from Morriston, Swansea, who was in a sado-masochistic relationship with Stephen Marsh, has admitted killing Jaspal Marsh, 37.

She claims she carried out the attack after being persuaded to by Mr Marsh, 36, of Gorseinon, who denies murder.

On her way there she said he sent many text messages urging her to do it.

The couple had met eight months before at the directory inquiries call centre they both worked in and had developed a sado-masochistic relationship.

Mobile phone footage found on Mr Marsh's phone showed him cutting Harris with a knife as she lay, tied to a bed - the same eight-inch bladed knife she later used to murder Mrs Marsh.

Harris, married to a 70-year-old with whom she has a young son, said on the night of the murder in July 2006, she drove to Mrs Marsh's marital home in Gorseinon after meeting her lover in a city centre pub for a work party.

Stephen Marsh arriving at court
Stephen Marsh denies arranging the killing of his wife

During her journey, she said he repeatedly sent her many text messages urging her on.

She said some read: "You can do it, you are strong enough. Please do it, please do it. You and me together forever."

Often in tears during her evidence, she said: "The door was unlocked as he said. I went in through the front door."

She said the door was unlocked just as Mr Marsh had said it would be and that the couple's dog was there but he was familiar with her from previous visits to the house when Mrs Marsh was out.

He told me to pick the largest one from the knife block. It was quiet. It was pitch black.
Rebecca Harris

"I went straight to the kitchen, I got the knife out of the knife block like Stephen had told me to do," she said.

"He told me to pick the largest one from the knife block. It was quiet. It was pitch black."

She said she went upstairs and just before she entered the bedroom a text arrived on her mobile which simply read: "Do it, just do it".

"She [Jaspal Marsh] was lying on the bed, she was facing me," she said.

"All of a sudden, she came flying off the bed straight for me.

Jaspal Marsh
Jaspal Marsh died after she was stabbed 16 times in her bedroom

"She pushed my head up against the chest of drawers, I had the knife in my hand and all I can remember is stabbing her once or twice."

After a short break in giving evidence, Harris told the court: "The moonlight was shining and in the bedroom I could see her eyes were glazed just motionless."

She added: "My head was all over the place, thoughts of my husband, my son, Stephen, were all going through my head.

"I just had to get out of the house as quickly as I could."

She said she left and texted Mr Marsh using a code that would let him know she had carried out the killing.

She said he replied by text: "You're a star. I love you."

He was very, very cold towards me, as if he did not want to touch me. He did not kiss me, stroke my hand, nothing
Rebecca Harris

The following morning, she met Mr Marsh before he went to work.

"He was very, very cold towards me, as if he did not want to touch me. He did not kiss me, stroke my hand, nothing," he said.

The lovers met twice again that day before Harris dropped Mr Marsh off close to his home.

There he discovered his wife's body. She had been stabbed 16 times.

Police called at her house early on Sunday morning - a day later. She was arrested on suspicion of murder on Monday.

Visibly upset

Under cross-examination, Gerard Elias QC, for the defence, accused Harris of telling detailed lies.

Her motive, he claimed, was that she was "intent on removing Jaspal Marsh from the scene- killing her to leave the field open for herself".

Questioning her about the content and timing of the text messages she claimed Mr Marsh sent her, he said: "You are making up an account against this man.

"You are prepared to endeavour to blacken this defendant in anyway you can."

Asked if she was making it up as she went along, she replied: "No, I'm not."

The trial continues.

"She said he kept urging her to carry out his murderous plan"

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