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Last Updated: Monday, 9 July 2007, 12:24 GMT 13:24 UK
Schools obesity lesson for Korea
The camera crew interviewed and filmed staff and pupils.

A TV camera crew from South Korea is visiting primary schools in Wales to pick up tips on how to tackle obesity.

Parents in the Far East fear western influences are behind weight problems with more children eating fast food.

The tuck shop at Pontybrenin in Swansea where crisps and pop have been swapped for nothing but fresh fruit will be showcased in the documentary.

The Cooking Bus which tours schools in Wales teaching pupils about healthy eating will also be featured.

Producer Lee Mi-Jin said they were looking at the issue in the UK, United States and Japan.

"We are making a documentary about childhood obesity for KBS - the major state-run broadcasting network," she said.

"We have read lots of articles about overweight children in the UK. We have come here to find out about the efforts to control it.

"In Korea there is not that high a rate of childhood obesity now but people think we have potential - I think 10% of children are overweight.

Sean Rees
It's quite healthy for the school and it's making a difference
Sean Rees

"Our food is exposed to westernised ideas - there is lots of fast food - so people are getting worried."

The fruit tuck shop was set-up at Pontybrenin Primary in Gorseinon to encourage children to eat more fresh fruit.

Teacher Aileen Brindley said: "Initially we had the option (of crisps, chocolate and pop) but we all then agreed it would only be fruit.

"The children accept it and don't question it. Not all schools have stopped other snacks but I would say that it is the secret to get it to work."

Every morning pupils are involved in taking the orders and preparing the fruit for the younger children.

Sean Rees, aged 10, said to begin with he thought he would miss other types of snacks.

"At the start it was quite hard but you get use to it and it's quite nice.

"I found I like lemon and pineapple - I never really liked them until I tried them here."

The camera crew were also going to Monkton primary school in Pembrokeshire, which is hosting the Cooking Bus this week.

The specially equipped bus tours schools in Wales teaching children about basic nutrition and healthy eating, as well tips on how to prepare food safely.

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