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Last Updated: Friday, 8 December 2006, 07:33 GMT
Climate worry over December daffs
The daffodils at Aberglasney Gardens
The daffodils were first spotted at the garden two days ago
Daffodils have caused a stir at a tourist attraction by making an unseasonably early appearance.

They are not normally seen until early spring, but the first week in December has seen them blossom at Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire.

Director Graham Rankin has never seen them burst into life so soon in Wales.

But while they are spectacular, he blamed climate change caused by global warming and said there were serious implication for nature's cycle.

The flowers have sprung up outdoors in a sheltered spot on a woodland walk near the mansion house.

Graham Rankin
The weather is changing - I have never known a spell like it
Graham Rankin

"I was walking Bishop Rudd's Walk and to my amazement there was this wonderful stand of bright yellow daffodils," said Mr Rankin.

"It is quite an early variety but you would certainly not expect them this time of year - the earliest would be January or February, but to have them out in flower now is pretty unique."

He said the mild weather with very few frosts had confused the plant into thinking it was spring.

"The weather is changing - I have never known a spell like it.

"We've just had an exceptionally mild autumn and that has just brought them into flower.

"Climate change is a serious subject but when you see displays of daffodils at this time of year it does have one benefit - but obviously there are very serious implications.

"The problem is if flowers do come out at odd times, very often there are not the pollinators out there to set the seed which could have a major effect on the flowering plants throughout the UK.

"Again if we had a serious frost it would wipe out the daffodils and again they would not produce any seed."

Although there are fewer than a dozen that have flowered, Mr Rankin said there could be more than 50 within a few days.

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