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Racist killer's temporary release
Lee Mordecai
Mordecai was jailed for five years for manslaughter
A man jailed for five years for the 2004 racist killing of an Iraqi Kurd refugee has been briefly released from prison on a temporary licence.

Lee Mordecai, of Bonymaen, Swansea, was jailed for five years in February 2005 for the manslaughter of Kalan Karim.

Mordecai was given a four-day temporary release licence in the run-up to Christmas.

But the probation service said Mordecai was returned to prison after breaching his conditions.

Mr Karim came to the UK after being tortured in Iraq and had part of his left leg amputated.

Mr Karim was given leave to stay in the UK for four years, and arrived in Swansea in 2003 having spent some time in the north east of England.

He was attacked by Mordecai on Swansea's Kingsway in the early hours of 5 September, 2004.

Mr Karim and a friend were talking to a group of women when they were approached by a group of friends.

Kalan Kawa Karim
Kalan Karim died after a single blow to the head

Mordecai abused Mr Karim and his friend, telling them they should "go back to their country".

Shortly afterwards, Mordecai struck Mr Karim, 29, with a single blow from behind. He later died in hospital.

His death sparked a large anti-racism protest in Swansea.

Mordecai was jailed for five years in February 2005 after pleading guilty to manslaughter, but the probation service confirmed on Friday that he had been released from prison on a temporary release licence.

Strict conditions

Chief officer for the Probation Service in south Wales, Ian Lankshear, said Mordecai's four-day temporary release licence was part of the process in working towards his final release and was standard procedure.

He said any release was subject to an assessment of the prisoner with strict conditions linked to the release adding that Mordecai had now been returned to prison after breaching conditions.

Mr Lankshear added: "It was reported to the probation officer that he had been in breach of the conditions.

"We determined it was in breach of his licence. That was reported to the prison and the prison arranged for him to be apprehended and returned to prison.

"This was before the licence was due to finish."

It was reported that Mordecai, who was eligible for parole consideration early next year, was seen in a nightclub.


Taha Idris, director of Swansea Bay Racial Equality Council, said he was disappointed Mordecai had been given temporary release from prison.

He said: "I was quite mortified to hear a person who has been responsible for killing another human being is out on the roads within two years.

"This is a person who didn't show remorse for what he had done.

"This [Kalan Karim] was a refugee who had sought asylum in our town - he was another human being whose life was taken away by Lee Mordecai.

"It doesn't send out a very good message. I really believe that communities feel that when somebody is sentenced for a crime, they should serve the bulk of their sentence."

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