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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 19:32 GMT
Pupil pressure sees book printed
Some of the pupils with author Margaret Jones
The children said the book was descriptive and very funny
Primary school pupils in Pembrokeshire have enjoyed a fairytale ending to their campaign to get a sequel to one of their favourite books published.

The children at Prendergast School in Haverfordwest studied the fantasy Nat, written by 87-year-old Margaret Jones, as part of a literary competition.

They enjoyed it so much she gave them a handwritten manuscript of the sequel.

Publishers had initially rejected it but thanks to supportive letters from the pupils it is finally in print.

The launch of Nat and the Box of Gifts took place at the school and Mrs Jones, who lives in Aberystwyth, said without their help it may never have reached the bookshelves.

Two years ago she invited the children to her home when they were studying the first book and as they were about to leave she gave them the hand written manuscript.

Grandezza Aburido
Grandezza Aburido said she was very pleased to see a sequel

"It's a dream come true when you have a book published," said Mrs Jones, who has 14 grandchildren.

"Nat was a story in itself but it was introducing the characters and this where the main plot happens.

"It's a fairytale set in mid Wales in recognised and named places and set in a period in history - the end of the 19th Century - when a lot of people still believed in fairies.

"The children's interest gave me a tremendous boost. We got a grant from the Welsh Books Council thanks to very good reports from them."

The youngsters, who have since moved on to secondary school, said they were only too happy to help.

Grandezza Aburido said: "The book was very descriptive, quite funny and you could picture in your mind what was happening."

Author Margaret Jones
The children's' interest gave me a tremendous boost
Author Margaret Jones

Fellow pupil Kieran Barclay added: "We went to her house and she showed us where she wrote her books and her illustrations.

"It would have been a shame if the second was not printed. It's a really good book."

The sequel has been published by UWIC Press with help from the Welsh Book Council.

Managing editor Cathy Grove said: "They wrote the most emphatic letters impressing upon us how much they really liked it. I have never seen anything quite like it."

"This was the one that I really wanted"

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