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Last Updated: Thursday, 9 November 2006, 07:06 GMT
999 rescue for runaway lizard Rex
Rex the iguana
A rather cold Rex was revived in a warm bath
A pet lizard sparked a 999-emergency after escaping from its owner and running up a tree in plunging temperatures.

Debbie Davies' pet iguana Rex wriggled free from his leash during a walk in the front garden of her Swansea home.

He scuttled up a tree and Ms Davies was forced to call the RSPCA and fire brigade for help.

Rex was eventually found by firefighters and revived in a warm bath after suffering from the cold.

Ms Davies said she had taken Rex out to collect dandelion leaves from the front garden.

"Within seconds he had wriggled free and just legged it up my neighbour's tree," she said.

I never take him out but he absolutely adores dandelion leaves and there aren't many about at this time of year,
Debbie Davies

"It was still light when he got away but because of his colour he was perfectly camouflaged in the dense tree.

"I knew where he was - I just couldn't see him, and as it got colder I became panic stricken. I knew the temperature had gone down."

After hours of searching for he reptile, she eventually called the RSPCA who in turn drafted in the help of a local fire crew.

They quickly located Rex and he was brought back to his frantic owner.

But the lizard was suffering from the effects of the cold and had to be plunged into a warm bath to be revived.

"I never take him out but he absolutely adores dandelion leaves and there aren't many about at this time of year," said Ms Davies.

"Now he is fine stretched out in his vivarium where he has his own ultra violet light and a sleeping area with a heated mat."



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