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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 April 2006, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Petition wins shop giraffe U-turn
George the giraffe
The two-metre-tall wooden carving was imported from Bali
A two-metre-tall wooden giraffe ordered off a Carmarthen street in a clampdown on advertising boards can return after traders started a petition to save him.

George the giraffe had stood outside a jewellery and clothing shop on Notts Square for at least the last six years.

But his owner was told he could cause an obstruction and must be removed.

Carmarthenshire Council has now changed its mind and said George could stay as long as he was chained upright to stop him falling over onto passers-by.

The wooden carving, imported from Bali in Indonesia, belonged to the Nomads store.

We do not want to seem like petty bureaucrats
Richard Workman

A neighbouring business started a petition, which had been gradually gaining signatures, calling for George's return.

On Thursday the council, which originally said it had adopted a policy to ban unauthorised goods and signs from being displayed on pavements for health and safety reasons, said it had had a rethink.

Good conscience

Technical Services director Richard Workman said: "While we do not want to seem like petty bureaucrats, there are serious health and safety issues concerning George.

"He is very tall and quite heavy, with a hammer-shaped face.

"George could cause injury or worse if he fell onto someone and we could not in all good conscience take the risk that that could happen.

"We are now offering the owners a solution and will be advising them that if George is safely secured to the outside of the building he can remain in place."

Petition to save shop's giraffe
19 Apr 06 |  South West Wales

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