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Last Updated: Friday, 31 March 2006, 16:02 GMT 17:02 UK
Policeman cleared of baton attack
The court house in Carmarthen
The four day trial was held at Carmarthen Crown Court
A policeman who hit two brothers with an extendable baton while off-duty after a row in a bar acted in self defence, a crown court jury has ruled.

David Burrows was cleared of two counts of unlawfully wounding Edward Tyrrell and one of assaulting Sean Tyrrell outside the Swansea Valley pub.

The 43-year-old was found guilty of having an offensive weapon - the baton.

Adjourning sentencing the judge said: "It's still a serious offence - particularly for a police officer."

Mr Burrows, a policeman since 1999, visited the Travellers Well pub in his home village of Rhyd-y-fro after walking his dog on 23 September last year.

While in the bar he was threatened by Edward Tyrrell.

He told Carmarthen Crown Court when he left at the end of the night he was confronted by the brothers.

He had admitted using the non-police-issue baton to defend himself causing a head injury to Edward Tyrrell and arm and chest injuries to Sean Tyrrell.


The court heard the brothers had been to a funeral and had spent most of the day drinking - consuming up to 18 pints.

They said when Burrows left the pub after midnight he had advanced on them but he told the jury they were lying in wait for him outside.

He also admitted taking a lock-knife from his other pocket and extending the blade for a "few seconds" to try and scare them off.

He said he usually carried a knife when walking his dog in case it became tangled in brambles but had forgotten to take it out of his pocket when he went home.

He was cleared of a second charge of possessing an offensive weapon - the knife.

Judge Gerald Price asked for a pre-sentence report and adjourned the case for three weeks.

Burrows was granted bail.

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