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World runner to continue journey
Rosie Swale Pope had to be rescued after developing frostbite
Rosie Swale Pope had to be rescued after developing frostbite
A grandmother trying to run around the world who was airlifted to hospital with frostbite in Alaska has vowed to continue her epic journey.

Rosie Swale Pope, 59, of Tenby, Pembrokeshire, had to be rescued by the Alaskan National Guard after being caught in a severe Arctic storm.

She was told she was in danger of losing her toe.

But after two-thirds of her journey she said she would rest and recover before continuing across north America.

She left Tenby in October 2004 and ran through Europe, Russia and Asia before crossing the Bering Straits in late 2005.

She was rescued on 26 February and taken to hospital.

Fight back

She has now told friends and family she will continue with her journey when she regains full fitness.

In a message posted on her website, she said: "I am fighting back and I am more determined than ever to get back on the trail.

Rosie Swale Pope
If I don't watch out I could lose my toe or even my foot
Rosie Swale Pope

"My toe is leaking liquid now and the very kind doctor said it would be at least three weeks.

"So I will be staying in my Terra Nova tent. I have been offered places to stay in the gardens of many friends here - in their homes as well - but I want to keep my hardiness up.

"I am going to make sure I am completely well, 100% better and stronger, before I set off. If I don't watch out I could lose my toe or even my foot.

"I am going to turn this thing around and hope that the publicity that such a thing brings, brings a little more money for the charities.

"I am grateful to be here and so very grateful to the National Guard and all the people who have helped me as if I were family."

Rosie took on the challenge to raise funds for a Russian children's home in Kitezh, and to increase awareness of the Prostate Cancer Charity after the death of her husband Clive Pope.

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