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Last Updated: Friday, 3 June, 2005, 12:13 GMT 13:13 UK
Man jailed for train bomb prank
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The judge said the risk of bombs on trains was a particular concern
A train passenger has been jailed for eight months for joking that he had a bomb in his bag.

Kevin Johnson, 41, from Port Talbot, admitted the offence, which happened on a train travelling from south Wales to Manchester.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that the train conductor told Johnson to stop bothering two young women.

The conductor then heard him say, in a fake Irish accent: "I've got a bomb in this bag."

Anyone who behaves like this, joking or not, must expect an immediate custodial sentence
Judge John Griffith Williams

Prosecutor Matthew Cobbe said the conductor passed Johnson three times and, on each occasion, he made the same claim about having a bomb.

On the third occasion, police were alerted and the train was stopped.

When arrested, unemployed Johnson told police : "I was only joking. The conductor just picked on me because he was jealous of the success I was having with those girls."

Johnson admitting a charge of obstructing the train with a bomb hoax.

Judge John Griffith Williams said: "In this day and age the risk of bombs on trains is one of particular concern.

"Anyone who behaves like this, joking or not, must expect an immediate custodial sentence. What is particularly serious was your persistence in making the threat."

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